What to do?

August 10, 2008

What to do when you’re seriously in need of a change of pace?

Driving in a truck hours on end, day after day, etc., is fine for some. I get antsy. Sitting still, trapped like a prisoner in the seat under the seat belt, I often long to just get out and walk. Can’t do that on a tight schedule. Walking is one of my favorite things to do. There is beautiful scenery, picturesque towns, and it all rushes by so fast it’s impossible to enjoy it. Is there adequate parking for a 75 foot vehicle? I’ll never know.

If there are any career counselors out there with any suggestions, I’m all ears. I guess they’d need some basic info; in the truck for the last eight years or so, prior to that, about 11 months in a light industrial environment at night (heat treat facility) while attempting to home school two daughters. 12-hour shifts, 3 days one week, 4 days the next week.

Before that, I worked off and on as a dancer. Ugly times then.

Prior to that, janitorial work for ServiceMaster.

Not exactly a glowing employment history. Especially as there were many breaks because of young ‘uns.

Okay, so if you’re a career councilor what would you do to get a 50+ year old woman back making a living wage? NOT IN A DRIVING CAPACITY!

Have I issued the ultimate Challenge?

I type some, have no concrete idea of my speed, but it’s probably not more than 25 words a minute right now. Brushing up would pick up the pace. I’m a decent speller and know some of the filing rules. I need to be able to move about alternating with sitting some. The old office “gofer” or “girl Friday” seems like something I could do. But I’m not sure those positions even exist any more. And it would need to be a living wage.  Does it sound like I could work in a mail room?  Possibly.  It’s embarrassing, but I have little sense of direction, and get lost easily.  Am I pathetic?  or simply too limited to employ?

So, will the first contestant please step up to the plate? Let the games begin!


Horse riding lessons

April 9, 2008

Is 50 plus too old to take lessons in the proper way to ride a horse? Not interested in anything fancy, just the basics, probably Western style, with focus on taking care to be kind to the horse. (Can you tell as a child I read Black Beauty (by Anna Sewell, I think)). I’ve been on a horse probably four, maybe five times. Never had anyone properly instruct me. It was always just get on and go. I’d be willing to clean stalls, learn to groom, feed, etc.

Being a city girl (not by choice) I have no real idea of the proper dress. Does one need boots, or do “saddle shoes” work? (I so loved them, I wore them to school in first and second grade. Maybe I knew it was as close to a horse as I was going to get in the city.) Of course I don’t happen to have a pair right now. In fact it’s been quite a while since I’ve even seen a pair. Maybe I shop in the wrong places!

Truck stops have plenty of jeans and shirts (if you’re a big man, which I’m not) and some have boots, not many in my size and I’m not even sure what’s best for riding.  I did get a hat, but I had to get a child size to fit.  Humbling.  Ah, well.  I’ll do some searching, get some pointers, save my pennies, and go to a western shop.

Tonight finds us trucking through Colorado and we’ve passed so many horses in pastures by the road, I guess it just got my “wanna ride” button pushed.   Until next time, Happy trails to those of you who ride.


March 19, 2008

Welcome to my world, such as it is. I enjoy reading. My primary reading material is novels. Not exactly the sort of material to broaden my mind, but it takes me to places and times when my daily where and when are unsatisfactory. I also enjoy sewing, a clean house, animals when they’re kept under control, and domestic things like ironing. I’m definitely an old-fashioned kind of woman. Many might even say just an old woman!

Days are spent on the road in a Freightliner, (not my first choice of jobs-but not quite my last choice either). At times being in the truck is not so bad. It wouldn’t be the time in Edmonton, Alberta when the roads were icy and the temperature got down to -35 F at night. I am not a large fan of deadly cold! Witnessing a pair of male eagles competing for territory in the Columbia Gorge not 20 feet in front of the windshield was incredible! Then there was the day a couple years ago in central Oregon when we saw two of the biggest birds I’ve ever seen or heard of. They reminded me of giant crows. Black in color, wingspan well over 10 feet. I’ve never seen them since, but the locals figured they were mutant crows from the Hanford, Washington area. Could be, I suppose. I’d thought them to be the thunderbirds of native American lore, but those seem to be more like enormous eagles. I’ll go back with a camera one day and wait to get proof in the form of video or stills, or both. Totally amazing!